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For assistance installing, configuring and running TEAM-UP Download, please contact your carrier's help desk
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General Information

Main Menu:

The TEAM-UP Download application is "driven" by its main menu. By default the "Download" panel is active when the application opens. Some of the selections from the main menu will open panels (screens) that have tabs that allow for additional selections directly under the main menu.

Tray Icon:

TEAM-UP Download has several options that may be invoked from the tray icon. The options are shown in the figure below. These options perform exactly the same functions as are available from within the application.

  • Double-clicking on the icon will Open the TEAM-UP Download application.
  • Right-clicking on the icon will display the menu shown below.

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Download Policy Files:

  • TEAM-UP Download will download all carrier download files at the click of a button. By default, the AL3 "Policy Files" for all installed carriers will be downloaded each time the Download button is clicked.

NOTE: Applied users may receive company edits via TEAM-UP Download. If any of your carriers transmit company unique edits, you may check the "Company Edits" box in order to receive these file updates.

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Work with Archive

The archive screen will allow you to perform "RESENDS" at the click of a button. These files are stored at the carrier (not directly on each agent's machine). Each carrier can store an unlimited amount of files in their archive. Most carriers typically save 30, 60, or 90 days worth of files in their archive. A list of any and all available files are available from each carrier that is set up on your system.

  1. Select the company from the drop-down list at the top of the screen
  2. Any files that are available, but have not yet been downloaded will appear in the top half of the screen
  3. Any files that have already been downloaded appear on the bottom half of the screen.


  • Download Current: downloads only files in the "Current Files" section of the screen. This will ignore any selected files in the "Archive" section.
  • Download Archive: downloads only files in the "Archive"section of the screen. This will ignore any selected files in the "Current Files" section.
  • Download All: downloads all selected files
  • Search: TEAM-UP Download allows you to search all archive files for individual transactions within the archive. Simply click on the Search button and enter either the Insured Name or Policy Number. The list of files will display only those files that match your search criteria.

Click on the "..." (More) button to display the in detail transactios within the file (sample below). You can then select any one or multiple transactions (policies) from the file. Click Save when finished and then click Download Archive to retrieve the transactions.

  • Refresh: The Refresh button will remove any of the search criteria and display the full archive.

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Several different reports are available from TEAM-UP Download. First, select a company and then a report.

Available Reports are:

  • Last Download details: provides transaction (policy) level detail on all transactions in the download file
  • Download Log:
  • Download Details: provides a full history of all downloaded files (and transactions within the files)

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Contact Info

The Contact Info tab displays and allows users to update their Agency Name and personal contact information (e.g. Name, Phone, email and location)

Agency System

The Agency System tab allows users to change the configuration for a new agency system. The screens will be very similar to the setup screens that were used to originally setup TEAM-UP Download. All default paths for the new agency system will be automatically detected by TEAM-UP Download.


The Companies tab allows agents to add, modify or delete a company's configuration within TEAM-UP Download.


  • Add: This will invoke the "Add Company" wizard that will configure a new company for download. Agents will need to know the Carrier-ID and have a user-name and password for the carrier. If you are not sure if one of your carriers is using TEAM-UP Download, please contact
  • Edit: This will walk you through the setup screens for the carrier. This would typically be required to update a carrier with contact information.
  • Delete: This will delete a carrier from your configuration of TEAM-UP Download.
  • Info: The Info button will display a screen similar to the graphic below. It will display information such as the download path used for the carrier and the scheduled time used to retrieve download files from the carrier.

  • Set Login


The Scheduler tab displays scheduler settings for all companies configured within TEAM-UP Download. Clicking within the "Hour", "Minute", or "AM/PM" cells for each company will allow you to edit the settings for the company. The scheduler may also by turned on or off by clicking within the "Schedule" checkbox for each company.

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The "Help" screen will display the current version of the TEAM-UP Download software that is running on your desktop. This screen also provides a link to open the Help screens for the application.

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